Diamond Core Drill Bit 114mm Concrete Wet Dry Tile Stone Brick Marble 1-1/4 UNC


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    Hit the ground spinning with the NEW Baumr-AG 114mm Diamond Core Drill Bit. This heavy-duty drill bit is suitable for penetrating super tough materials, including Concrete, Poroton, Cellular Concrete, Ytong, Marble, Bricks, Tiles, Granite, Stoneware and various other Masonry and Concrete surfaces. It’s built with commercial-grade steel to last the long haul, and its diamond cutting teeth will chew through incredibly solid surfaces with great ease and precision.

    Baumr-AG is giving you the tools you need to turn your core drill into a serious force to be reckoned with! So it’s time to get stuck into the hard stuff and get yourself a NEW Baumr-AG 114mm Diamond Core Drill Bit today!

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