Baumr-AG Tiller Pole Attachment Rotary Hoe Cultivator Commercial Multi Extension


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If you’re serious about gardening it’ll also come as no surprise that the Baumr-AG Pole Tiller Attachment provides ease of use and will have your soil finely milled and well-aerated. It’s hard-drawn steel blades offer superior durability in rocky and tough soil.

Synchronous-rotating tines provide absolute control to till deeply, whilst the tight-in design allows you to still fit between rows – there’s no fighting to move this workhorse around.

The Baumr-AG Pole Tiller Attachment is designed with quality in mind, so that gardening tasks and landscaping projects can be done quickly and efficiently.

Baumr-AG have been manufacturing garden tool accessories for many well-known OEM brands and in recent years have now begun direct marketing, meaning you get the ultimate at the very best price.

Fits square-splined Baumr-AG and gold MTM Pole Tools, as well as other brands that use 26mm diameter attachments.

Do you demand the absolute best? Then why compromise? Pick up the latest Baumr-AG Pole Tiller Attachment today!

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