Baumr-AG Power Wheelbarrow Motorized Mini Petrol Powered Wheel Barrow Self Dump


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    Introducing the Baumr-AG BPR880 Site-Mate Series Powered Wheelbarrow. Equipped with a powerful 196cc 6.5HP engine it takes the hard work out of transporting almost anything. The BPR880 is a must have for landscapers, builders and rural landowners with a massive 300kg load capacity. With a well balanced design a full load can be tipped by the operator without trouble. With the BPR880 you can work faster and smarter with significantly less risk of fatigue or injuries.

    From farming to construction and agriculture to landscaping, the BPR880 is one tough mudder – perfect for transporting everything from heavy loads of logs, bricks, soil and cement. With a heavy-duty transmission offering 3 speeds and reverse you can be assured of precise control when loading and unloading to transportation vehicles, as well as enjoying the ability to cover larger distances at an efficient pace when required. The BPR880 is easy to operate and safely stops with the release of the clutch lever. The wheels also lock to keep the powered barrow in place during transport, while it sit comfortably in a typical ute tray.

    At just 74cm wide this powered mini dumper is designed to fit through a standard sized gate! It turns on a dime thanks to zero-turn radius skid steering, and the low centre of gravity ensures optimum maneuverability and stability. Four wheel drive and all terrain agricultural tread affords it grip and an incline traverse of up to 12 degrees with a 100kg load!

    Why rent for hundreds of dollars at a time when you can own this sensibly priced, dependable workmate outright? Invest in the Baumr-AG Site-Mate Series Power Wheel Barrow to do your heavy lifting, and cut your job time in half!

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