Baumr-AG Engine for Post Hole Digger Replacement Earth Auger Borer


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    Whether you’re a busy professional or just an avid landscape enthusiast, the NEW Baumr-AG replacement post hole digger engine is the perfect solution to any tired Baumr-AG branded post hole digger. You don’t need to discard your existing functional equipment and purchase a whole new set of augers, just grab yourself a brand new engine, bolt it on, and get straight back into hole boring.

    This mighty commercial-grade 2 stroke engine brings the grunt you need to power through various types of terrane. It will continue to absorb all the inevitable knocks and blows power tools endure with its superior Maxi-Flex engine housing. There’s no surprises with this item because its specifications and design have been developed to comply directly to the Baumr-AG range of post hole diggers. Be assured that it looks, feels and operates just like the original.

    This really is the equivalent of purchasing a brand new tool at a fraction of the cost. Trim the costs on buying an entire replacement bundle, and simply bring your trade equipment back to life by getting a NEWreplacement post hole digger engine today!

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