BAUMR-AG 800W 550mm Electric Wet Tile Saw Cutter with 200mm (8″) Blade


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    The Baumr-AG BTS90 MKII is a rugged, full-featured tile saw that allows you to cut large format tiles with minimal effort and better results. At the heart of the BTS90 is a powerful 800W motor that is mounted on a quad ball-bearing carriage for smooth and accurate cutting. 

    The rail easily pivots for bevel cuts, and the rip/mitre cutting guide enables fast repeatable cuts. The wet-cutting system is fed by a dependable high-volume pump in the undertray reservoir, and features a shielded water pipe to withstand those typical knocks.

    The Baumr-AG Tile Cutter has a good sized deck that can accommodate almost all tile sizes. You can rip cut porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 550mm in length, and perform mitre cuts to tiles and pavers as big as 300 x 300mm. A high-performance aftermarket blade will even enable working with dense materials like marble and granite.

    And finally, with folding legs the Baumr-AG BTS90 MKII is easy to store or move into position. With such an impressive combination of power, features and reliability, why not take the smart route and save yourself plenty of time and money on your next DIY tiling project!

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