BAUMR-AG 500W 1000 x 350mm Mini Wood Lathe Turning Machine


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The Baumr-AG BWL-04 Mini Wood Lathe is ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced pen turners. While the Baumr-AG is scaled down in size, it’s durability and performance are certainly not compromised! The BWL-04 is a well and truly proven design that is manufactured by a specialist lathe making facility. With its high-torque 500 watt induction motor and 4 operating speeds, you can turn workpieces at 810, 1180, 1700 or 2480 rotations per minute. You’ll be boring holes, roughing out pen billets, turning to shape with ease.

A series of bolt holes enable you to secure the lathe to the bench for maximum stability and smooth operation. The easy to adjust tool rest features a smooth finish for gliding your chisel on. And lastly, the huge bed can accommodate pieces of up to 1 metre, so you’ve got the option of turning objects as large as table legs and baseball bats. With a Baumr-AG BWL-04 you’ll be knocking over rewarding projects in no time!

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