BAUMR-AG 24cc 2-Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer, TruSharp Blade, Swivel Handle


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The Baumr-AG HTP400 Precision Hedge Trimmer is designed specifically to give a sharp, clean, healthier cut for your hedge. At its heart is a powerful and enduring 1.0HP direct air-injected 24cc 2-stroke engine that meets the stringent EURO V standard and has enough grunt to prune up to one inch thick foliage. This no fuss piece of machinery enables you to craft exceptional hedges in the most efficient way possible.

Unlike many other trimmers that have a tendency to tear foliage off the hedge, the HTP400 utilises TruSharp high-grade diamond sharpened double reciprocating blades to cleanly and precisely slice through the stems of the plant. This results in a cut with less surface area and a smooth, clean finish to help eliminate the chance of rot and infection, as well as allowing you to work faster with less effort. The 500mm reach is large enough to span the width of most hedges, while being small enough for fiddly or detailed work.

A three point rotating handle enables the unit to twist 180 degrees in either direction allowing for clean, straight and uniform vertical trimming to be achieved ergonomically. The focus on comfort continues with the shielded front facing exhaust and the A-VIBE system of rubber dampeners that minimise vibration. Japanese and English Boxes, Lilly Pillys and even Photinias can all be effortlessly sculpted with the HTP400 with far less fatigue.

The Baumr-AG HTP400 Precision Hedge Trimmer is a must have for any recreational or light commercial gardener looking to maintain an immaculate garden.

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