Baumr-AG 2200W JackHammer Demolition Jack Hammer Demo Chisel Concrete Tool


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The Baumr-AG 2200W Jackhammer is a full commercial grade unit, which utilises a high spec motor combined with a high tensile reduction gear set. This is one of the few Jackhammers you are likely to find with these specs. The benefit of such a combination is a greater impact transfer with minimal loss through motor and gear cluster – a truly fantastic machine!

The huge torque of the commercial motor allows the 2200 Series to utilise its maximum power for demolition works, whether it be breaking up concrete, digging, chipping, squaring, grooving or as the perfect companion while on site. The Baumr-AG 2200W Jackhammer also makes removing tiles or old pebble surfaces a breeze. Need to bust through some stubborn foundations? Need to renovate that kitchen or bathroom? You don’t need to look any further. This outstanding package also includes 3 BONUS Chisels for Chipping, Tiling and Grooving!

The Baumr-AG 2200W Pro Series Jackhammer is the ultimate companion for any demolition task, large or small! And when it comes to getting the job done effectively, there’s nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality tools for your business – order your own Baumr-Ag 2200W Jackhammer today!.

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