BAUMR-AG 2000W 350mm 14″ Brick & Masonry Table Saw, Electric Tile Concrete Cutting, with Stand


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    The Baumr-AG BBS350 is a robust, fully-featured commercial-grade wet brick saw designed for effortless masonry cutting with superior results.

    At its core, the BBS350 boasts a potent 2000W motor mounted on a spring loader armature ensuring smooth and precise cutting. The rail effortlessly pivots for bevel cuts, while the wet-cutting system is fueled by a reliable high-volume pump in the undertray reservoir, featuring a shielded water pipe for durability against typical knocks.

    The Baumr-AG Brick, Stone and Masonry Table Saw showcases an expansive carriage deck mounted on quad ball-bearing-rollers. It easily rip-cuts up to 700mm long for handling large format sizes of marble, granite, jade, stone and concrete. With substantial power for cutting depths up to 90mm at 90 degrees it can slice standard sized Australian bricks. With cuts of up to 65mm at 45 degrees, it can also effortlessly slice porcelain and ceramic tiles.

    Equipped with a 350mm high-performance laser-embedded diamond blade, the BBS350 ensures optimal cutting results, enabling it to work with the toughest materials like marble, granite, and “Nori” red brick.

    Featuring folding legs, fixed wheels, and a lockable blade head, transportation to the site is a breeze. With an impressive blend of power, reliability, and versatile features, this heavy-duty professional masonry saw is the perfect choice for contractors or dedicated DIYers.

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