BAUMR-AG 111kg 400x545mm 7.0HP Plate Compactor, Sprinkler System (BCX-800)


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Take one look at the Baumr-AG BCX800 Site-Mate Series Plate Compactor and it’s plain to see that this is a truly next generation design. With high-tech manufacturing employed from the ground up the BCX800 is of course precision robot welded to provide maximum strength and inhibit rust. Encased in the protective frame is a class-leading easy-start air-cooled 7HP 4-Stroke engine that is tough, reliable and efficient.

The high-power design combined with a serious 111kg max operational weight and solid one-piece prime strength steel plate guarantees firm level soil compression. Tapered edges of the base plate offer optimal manoeuvrability, so you’ll be able to make light work of compacting sand, soil and gravel in confined spaces.

An integrated sprinkler system connected to a large 14L water tank ensures the base plate is kept cool and asphalt adhesion is minimised. Operator comfort is assured by the oversized shock-absorption system integrated into the handles. Unlike other models on the market, transport from job-to-job is no fuss thanks to the retractable wheels, and there is also a lifting hook incorporated into the frame.

With all these features the Baumr-AG plate compactor is years beyond the competition, making it the number one choice for paving projects like driveways, landscaping or preparing foundations for concreting. To top it all off, this fully-featured top quality unit is offered at seriously sharp ‘direct to you’ pricing, plus when you factory in the time and costs associated with renting a plate compactor, purchasing a Baumr-AG BCX800 is one smart investment.

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