2 x 22″ Baumr-AG Chainsaw Chain 22 Inch Bar Replacement 0.325 .058 86DL


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The Baumr-AG 22″ Chainsaw Chain is specifically designed to optimise your chainsaw’s operational capacity, making it easier to prune hedges, cut firewood or take down whole trees. With premium features, this product delivers high performance cutting day after day. 

The Baumr-AG 22″ Chainsaw Chain has a 0.058″ gauge and 86 drive links. Its patented Tru-Sharp technology offers prolonged sharpness, and its anti-jam roll links and low resistance bevel tie-strap act in unison to minimise kickback. 

The Baumr-AG 22″ Chainsaw Chain has added stay sharp properties thanks to the 0.325″ pitch. It also has a deep tooth design which guarantees longer chain life while also being easy to file and sharpen when necessary. These collective attributes result in superior value that aren’t delivered by other offerings.

Get your chainsaw sharp in no time, order a 22″ Baumr-AG Chainsaw Chain today!

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