Baumr-AG 2400W 355mm 14″ Metal Cut Off Cold Saw, Premium Low Spark Ceramic Alloy Tooth Blade, Measurement Scale, Soft Start, 45 Degree Mitre Chop Cutting


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The Baumr-AG CS-355s 14” Cut Off Saw combines power, reliability and the advantages of a premium low spark Ceramic Alloy tooth blade to redefine what you can expect from a high-performance cutting tool at this price point.

Experience cutting-edge performance with our 14-inch Dry-Cut Chop Saw, designed to keep up with the rigorous demands of modern construction and metalworking. Featuring a ceramic alloy stainless steel blade enhanced by dry-cut technology, the ceramic alloy cutting blade stays cool, minimises sparking and provides a clean smooth finish without burring usually associated with traditional saws. This 355mm blade is capable of cutting materials up to a height of 125mm at 90 degrees and 75mm at 45 degrees.

Powered by a robust 2400W motor, this saw does not just cut steel, it can handle wood, brass, aluminium, and plastics, adjusting easily to different materials without swapping blades. The strong, yet lightweight, cast alloy base ensures durability while maintaining portability, making it suitable for various environments, from workshops to construction sites. A soft, low-draw start-up makes it ideal for portable power supplies like generators.

Our saw boasts superior cutting precision with a unique clamping system that minimises wobble and increases accuracy. The vice, enhanced with wave patterns, offers increased friction and clamping tightness. The tool-less adjustment feature allows for quick angle changes from 0-45 degrees to assure accurate repeated cuts. The measurement scale allows you to cut workpieces to the size you need.

The CS-355s Cut Off Saw features a steel retractable lower blade guard enhancing operational safety. The ergonomic non-slip handle is rubber clad to ensure a comfortable grip, which combines with trigger lock to reduce fatigue during long tasks.

Whether you’re cutting metal posts for fencing, supporting trees with star pickets, or tackling various projects, this saw delivers unmatched precision and power.

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